It was time to let the world know

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, renowned for being among the finest and most exclusive 5-star luxury hotels, aimed to transform from a Southeast Asian brand into a global contender while preserving its legacy of premium luxury and service. We helped create a new brand communication strategy to meet this challenge.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

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Uncovering the difference

The cornerstone of Oberoi's success is the exemplary service and personal attention their staff extends to guests. 'Time Will Tell' enhanced this strategic identity by spotlighting the cultural diversity of their staff as the primary differentiator to captivate a wider audience.

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Revisiting the roots

Time Will Tell was engaged to rejuvenate the visual identity of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, transitioning the brand from its Southeast Asian roots to a global presence, all while upholding its heritage of unrivaled luxury and service.

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Focus on the Staff

The key to Oberoi’s triumph lies in the superior service and personal care offered by their staff. 

'Time Will Tell' underscored this strategic essence, focusing on the staff's cultural diversity as the 

pivotal element in attracting a broader demographic.


Focusing on heart-felt moments

We placed Oberoi’s staff at the heart of our films and imagery, conveying the narrative with utmost authenticity. These moments became the focal point of the brand's new website, the cornerstone of our global communication program, and the essence of our 
360° campaign.

“Time Will Tell quickly understood what makes Oberoi so attractive to our guests. This insight fed into the quality of the imagery, which captured our spirit perfectly and told a simple story beautifully in every channel.”

Susan Helstab, Founder, Helstab Advisory Inc

Behind The Scenes

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